Sunday, September 9, 2012

Important SoCal TT Series Rule changes for 2012-2013

"Racers can compete in as few or as many of these 18 races as they wish. Points accumulate throughout the year and will be tabulated in an ongoing basis. The top-10 races results points in these 18 races will count toward a racers overall series results. There are up to 8 'drop' or 'best of' races, the more a racer competes up to 18 races, the greater his/her chance of gaining points toward the series. 10 races will count towards the overall points."

#01 09/09/12 Fiesta Island TT
#02 09/16/12 Toms Farms TT
#03 10/07/12 Piru TT
#04 10/14/12 Fiesta Island TT
#05 10/14/12 Toms Farms TT
#06 10/20/12 Santiago Cyn TT
#07 11/04/12 Piru TT
#08 11/17/12 Santiago Cyn TT
#09 11/22/12 Toms Farms TT
#10 11/23/12 Fiesta Island TT
#11 12/02/12 Piru TT
#12 12/09/12 Toms Farms TT
#13 01/XX/13 Piru TT
#14 01/XX/13 Toms Farms TT
#15 02/XX/13 Fiesta Island TT
#16 03/XX/13 Fiesta Island TT
#17 03/XX/13 Santiago Cyn TT
#18 04/XX/13 Santiago Cyn TT

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