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Time trials kick off 2012 USA Cycling Masters Road Nationals

Prineville, Ore. (September 5, 2012) — On a clear, sunny day in central Oregon, the nation’s fastest masters time trialists battled for coveted Stars-and-Stripes jerseys on the first day of the 2012 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships. Riders competed in Prineville, a town northeast of host city Bend, and utilized a course on the Crooked River Highway that has also served as a stage in the Cascade Cycling Classic.

In all, 29 national titles were awarded on Wednesday. Notable champions includeFranz Hammer (Oro Valley, Ariz./Team Green Choice/Team RPM/Airpark Bikes), who added another Stars-and-Stripes jersey to his closest after moving into the 75-79 age group, and 40-44 men’s race winner Richard Feldman (Ketchum, Idaho/ Durance-Colnago), a champion at the UCI World Cycling Tour finals in August.

Scott Hennessy (Salinas, Calif./VOS Racing), Arrietta Clauss (Madison, Wis./Trek Midwest Team), Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif./La Habra Cyclery/Chronic Tacos Cycling) and Patty Puz (Sun Valley, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) all successfully defended their 2011 individual titles.

In the tandem competitions, Scott Raymond (Cypress, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) andFrank Schroeder (Claremont, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) repeated as champions in the men’s elite race, while Bend locals Timothy Jones (Bend, Ore.) and TJ Paskewich (Bend, Ore.) again climbed to the top step of the podium in the men’s 70+ tandem race. The 90+ mixed tandem duo of John and Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore./GNARLUBE/LANDSHARK Racing/GNAR Lube Velo Junkies) defended their championship, as well.

Competition continues on Thursday with road races for men age 35-59 and women age 35-49. The races start and finish at the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort west of Bend.

For a complete schedule, course maps, photo galleries and more, visit the 2012 USA Cycling Masters Road Nationals webpage. You can also follow the event on Twitter via the USA Cycling account or using the hashtag #RoadNats. For more information on Bend and the surrounding area, go to

David Zimbelman took second in the men's 55-59 age group
David Zimbelman took second in the men's 55-59 age group

2012 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships
Bend, Oregon
September 5-9, 2012


Men’s 35-39 Time Trial
1. Sam Krieg (Pocatello, Idaho/Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts) 38:40.9
2. Jesse Moore (Sacramento, Calif./California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 38:52.9
3. Karl Bordine (Carlsbad, Calif./Monster Media Racing/Southern California Velo) 38:53.4
4. Joshua Liberles (Portland, Ore.) 39:17.1
5. Mike Hone (Seattle, Wash./ Audi/Kryki Sports) 39:33.2

Men’s 40-44 Time Trial
1. Richard Feldman (Ketchum, Idaho/ Durance-Colnago) 37:53.2
2. David Bailey (Truckee, Calif./Truckee Bicycle Team) 38:08.2
3. Christopher Phipps (San Francisco, Calif./ 38:23.3
4. Daniel Bryant (Carmichael, Calif./Folsom Bike/Mercedes Benz) 39:00.2
5. George Ganoung (Hedgesville, W.V./Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team) 39:09.9

Men’s 45-49 Time Trial
1. Robert Garwood (Harrisonburg, Va.) 39:07.6
2. Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga./Iron Data Racing) 39:20.1
3. James Gotsick (Acworth, Ga./Iron Data Racing) 39:29.5
4. Cale Reeder (Cameron Park, Calif./Echelon/Charity of Choice) 39:37.2
5. Tim Butler (Portland, Ore./Evolution Racing Team-WA) 39:50.1

Men’s 50-54 Time Trial
1. Jeffrey Hartmann (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) 37:52.2
2. Kevin Metcalfe (Pleasant Hill, Calif./Team Specialized Racing Masters) 38:32.3
3. Robert Hoene (Boise, Idaho/Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club) 41:07.3
4. Kevin McMurtry (Nevada City, Calif./SHO-AIR/SERT) 41:20.1
5. Greg Fenton (Ramona, Calif./UC Cyclery/JW Floors/Sun Coast Velo) 41:22.2

Men’s 55-59 Time Trial
1. Gary Painter (Ft Wayne, Ind./Ft. Wayne Outfitters) 40:05.6
2. David Zimbelman (The Dalles, Ore.) 40:10.6
3. Victor Miera (Las Vegas, Nev./Harmony Cycling Team) 41:04.2
4. Robert Anderson (Mill Valley, Calif./Team Specialized Racing Masters) 41:06.4
5. James Dickerson (Fort Collins, Colo./Great Divide Brewing Company) 41:41.7

Men’s 60-64 Time Trial
1. Thomas Doughty (Aurora, Ill./Scarlet Fire) 40:39.5
2. Wayne Watson (Denver, Colo./Natural Grocers Cycling Team) 41:00.8
3. Ken Louder (Salt Lake City, Utah/Velosport Racing) 41:41.9
4. Gordon Paulson (Cottage Grove, Wis./Trek Midwest Team) 41:44.5
5. Larry Wolff (Sacramento, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) 42:37.9

Men’s 65-69 Time Trial
1. Scott Hennessy (Salinas, Calif./VOS Racing) 29:06.4
2. Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) 29:22.0
3. William Langstaff (North Tustin, Calif./Cycles Veloce) 29:52.0
4. Jim Fox (Aptos, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) 30:22.4
5. Thomas Greason (Bozeman, Mont./Bozeman Masters' Velo/Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club) 30:26.4

Men’s 70-74 Time Trial
1. S Durward Higgins (Chattanooga, Tenn./Scenic City Velo) 30:55.1
2. Scott Tucker (Golden, Colo./Schwab Cycles Racing Team) 31:08.9
3. Daniel Wulbert (Cardiff, Calif./UC Cyclery/JW Floors/Sun Coast Velo) 31:29.7
4. Michael Patterson (Old Lyme, Conn.) 31:37.2
5. John Swyers (Ketchum, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) 31:40.0

Men’s 75-79 Time Trial
1. Franz Hammer (Oro Valley, Ariz./Team Green Choice/Team RPM/Airpark Bikes) 30:26.3
2. William Meyers (Oak Creek, Colo./Schwab Cycles Racing Team) 30:55.2
3. Richard Reynolds (Tucson, Ariz./Summit Velo) 33:53.4
4. Richard Hunt (Bend, Ore.) 34:10.7
5. Frederic Schmid (Waco, Texas) 35:02.1

Men’s 80-84 Time Trial
1. Albert Piemme (Sequim, Wash.) 36:00.2
2. Paul Tetrick (Evergreen, Colo.) 36:40.4

Men’s 85-89 Time Trial
1. James Harrang (Eugene, Ore.) 47:50.7

Women’s 35-39 Time Trial
1. Amy Thornquist (Reno, Nev./Stevens Bikes p/b Pactimo) 42:37.9
2. Molly Van Houweling (Berkeley, Calif./Metromint Cycling) 42:39.9
3. Sarah Barber (Boise, Idaho) 44:15.2
4. Karen Appleby-Krieg (Pocatello, Idaho/Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts) 44:22.4
5. Anne Donley (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) 44:42.7

Women’s 40-44 Time Trial
1. Julie Cutts (Las Vegas, Nev,/Velo Club LaGrange) 43:01.7
2. Jenn Halladay (Kuna, Idaho/Team 43:30.9
3. Mindy Caruso (Albuquerque, N.M./ Olev Rapido/The Kickstand) 43:37.4
4. Rebecca Rusch (Ketchum, Idaho/Specialized) 43:43.1
5. Felicia Gomez (Fresno, Calif./Pinnacle Women's Racing) 45:16.6

Women’s 45-49 Time Trial
1. Lisa Campbell (Newburypark, Calif./SC VELO/Empower Coaching) 43:52.0
2. Catherine Dickson (Glendale, Ariz.) 45:53.8
3. Michele Conrad (Seattle, Wash./Keller Rohrback Cycling/Stranamanti Cycling) 45:57.6
4. Belinda Eschenwald (Huntington Beach, Calif./Velo Club LaGrange) 46:01.4
5. Bonnie Donzella (Eagan, Minn./St Paul Bicycle Racing Club) 46:33.5

Women’s 50-54 Time Trial
1. Lisa Magness (Bend, Ore.) 43:39.5
2. Ruth Clemence (Newport Beach, Calif./SC VELO/Empower Coaching) 44:37.7
3. Maryann Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif./B4T9/Foundation) 45:07.7
4. Leigh Thompson (Winnetka, Ill./ Vision Quest LLC) 45:52.7
5. Sheryl Loan (Eagle River, Alaska) 46:22.9

Women’s 55-59 Time Trial
1. Arrietta Clauss (Madison, Wis./Trek Midwest Team) 29:51.5
2. Camille Deluca-Flaherty (Belmont, Calif./Velo Bella) 30:00.8
3. Elizabeth Benishin (Palo Alto, Calif./Velo Bella) 31:04.0
4. Marianne Holt (Matthews, N.C./PainPathways Cycling Team/Carolina Masters) 31:04.4
5. Sue Lloyd (Wheatridge, Colo./RockyMounts~Izze Racing) 31:15.2

Women’s 60-64 Time Trial
1. Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif./La Habra Cyclery/Chronic Tacos Cycling) 30:37.5
2. Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, N.J./Somerset Wheelmen) 31:38.3
3. Kristine Johnson (Larkspur, Colo./DNA Cycling Race Team/DNA Cycling-UT) 31:55.4
4. Maurine Sweeney (Highlands Ranch, Colo./IC3Colorado/International Christian Cycling Club) 32:51.6
5. Kathleen Pratt (Happy Valley, Ore./Fred Meyer Cycling Team) 33:06.5

Women’s 65-69 Time Trial
1. Melinda Berge (Park City, Utah) 36:23.6

Women’s 70-74 Time Trial
1. Patty Puz (Sun Valley, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) 36:59.4
2. Julie Lockhart (Dunstable, Mass./Northeast Bicycle Club) 39:17.3
3. Priscilla Woods (Hailey, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) 39:52.9
4. Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, Calif./Cal-Pacific Export Packers /Lightning Velo) 42:33.2
5. Elena Patterson (Old Lyme, Conn.) 44:31.4

Men’s Elite Tandem Time Trial
1. Scott Raymond (Cypress, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) 51:53.6
1. Frank Schroeder (Claremont, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) 51:53.6
2. Darrin Monroe (Laguna Niguel, Calif./Pinnaclife Racing Team/Radsport Cycling Team) 54:16.2
2. Gary Wall (Long Beach, Calif./Pinnaclife Racing Team/Radsport Cycling Team) 54:16.2
3. P (Fritz) Tomasello (Dana Point, Calif./Pinnaclife Racing Team/Radsport Cycling Team) 57:18.3
3. David Prechtl (Norco, Calif./Pinnaclife Racing Team/Radsport Cycling Team) 57:18.3

Men’s 110+ Tandem Time Trial
1. Roy Sturm (Albuquerque, N.M.) 51:25.3
1. John Price (Albuquerque, N.M./JBV Coaching) 51:25.3
2. Jan Elsbach (Davis, Calif./VOS Racing) 53:21.3
2. John Elgart (Sacramento, Calif./Webcor/ Alto Velo Racing Club) 53:21.3
3. Steve Matson (Tacoma, Wash./Old Town Bicycle) 55:32.1
3. Jeffrey Patterson (University Place, Wash./Old Town Bicycle) 55:32.1
4. Kenneth Stamm (Lake Havasu City, Ariz./ Durance-Colnago) 56:26.7
4. Andrew Applegate (Asheville, N.C./Asheville Bicycle Racing Club) 56:26.7
5. O Bryant McKinley (Spokane, Wash./Baddlands Cycling Club) 01:00.0
5. Tomas Lynch (Spokane, Wash./Baddlands Cycling Club) 01:00.0

Men’s 70+ Tandem Time Trial
1. Timothy Jones (Bend, Ore.) 53:58.3
1. TJ Paskewich (Bend, Ore.) 53:58.3
2. Ian Gueit (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) 55:55.3
2. Jason Johns (Laguna Hills, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) 55:55.3

Men’s 90+ Tandem Time Trial
1. Kurt Bickel (Upland, Calif./UC Cyclery/JW Floors/Sun Coast Velo) 53:23.8
1. Marvin Hall (Sun City, Calif./UC Cyclery/JW Floors/Sun Coast Velo) 53:23.8
2. Robert Phillips (Baltimore, Md./Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team) 54:24.9
2. Robert Garwood (Harrisonburg, Va.) 54:24.9
3. James Rantala (Bend, Ore./WebCyclery Racing) 56:31.7
3. Barton Bowen (Bend, Ore./Bicycle Ruidoso Inc.) 56:31.7
4. Stan Moore (Medford, Ore.) 58:30.9
4. David Brinton (N Hollywood, Calif./Serious Cycling) 58:30.9

Women’s Elite Tandem Time Trial
1. Melissa Boyd (Corvallis, Ore.) 1:07:58.0
1. Signe Wright (Corvallis, Ore.) 1:07:58.0

Women’s 110+ Tandem Time Trial
1. MaryAnn Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif./ B4T9/Foundation) 1:08:31.0
1. Jill Gass (Santa Barbara, Calif./ B4T9/Foundation) 1:08:31.0

Women’s 90+ Tandem Time Trial
1. Pam Reid (Portland, Ore.) 1:16:37.6
1. Barbara Thiele (Hillsboro, Ore.) 1:16:37.6

Mixed Elite Tandem Time Trial
1. Chris Delatorre (Huntington Beach, Calif./Alliance Cycling Team) 56:14.3
1. Colleen Montoya (Huntington Beach, Calif.) 56:14.3

Mixed 110+ Tandem Time Trial
1. Gregory Pautsch (Chippewa Falls, Wis./Planet Bike) 56:33.3
1. Kathryn Schaus (Chippewa Falls, Wis./Planet Bike) 56:33.3
2. G Crawford (Long Beach, Calif./La Habra Cyclery/Chronic Tacos Cycling) 59:01.7
2. Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif./La Habra Cyclery/Chronic Tacos Cycling) 59:01.7
3. Bruce Hartley (Norco, Calif./ Pinnaclife Racing Team/Radsport Cycling Team) 1:00:02.0
3. Sue Buck (Irvine, Calif./Team Velosport Club) 1:00:02.0
4. Elizabeth Haven (Carmichael, Calif.) 1:08:47.0
4. Richard Humphreys (Carmichael, Calif./ Webcor/Alto Velo Racing Club) 1:08:47.0

Mixed 90+ Tandem Time Trial
1. John Slawta (Talent, Ore./GNARLUBE/LANDSHARK Racing/GNAR Lube Velo Junkies) 55:06.0
1. Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore./GNARLUBE/LANDSHARK Racing/GNAR Lube Velo Junkies) 55:06.0
2. Margareta Germeaux (Bellevue, Wash.) 55:24.5
2. John Cacabelos (Sumner, Wash.) 55:24.5
3. Dave Maminski (Campbell, Calif./SJBC/San Jose Bicycle Club) 55:48.2
3. Laurie Furman (San Jose, Calif./Sycomp Racing/Team Affinity) 55:48.2
4. Chuck Mangus (Douglas, Wyo.) 55:59.1
4. Lisa Mangus (Douglas, Wyo.) 55:59.1
5. Angela Wimberly (San Diego, Calif./CALCOAST Bikes San Diego) 58:09.1
5. James Wimberly (San Diego, Calif./ UC Cyclery/JW Floors/Sun Coast Velo) 58:09.1

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