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RNR earned "Best Bike Shop" on the OC Hotlist!

Best Bike Shop OC Hotlist Rock N Road Cyclery
Thank you for your votes!  We earned "Best Bike Shop" on the OC Hotlist!

Rock N' Road Cyclery's Stuff It Sale.

Stuff your stockings with lots of great deals this holiday season!

The following deals have been extended until Wednesday 11/28! 

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Rock N Road Cyclery's Hunger Ride

Our 6th annual Hunger Ride is almost here!  Please help us hit our goal of 3000lbs of food this year!

WHEN : December 15th @ 8am

Donate 4 or more items and get a FREE RNR water bottle!  The person who donates the most food will receive a gift valued at $250! 

See you there!


You can help change the face of men's health today!  Donate $50 to Rock N' Road Cyclery's Movember team and get swag!

Custom RNR Movember t shirt
RNR Camelbak bottle
$25 RNR gift card

That's $75 worth of sweet swag!  Donate today and help support Prostate and Testicular cancer initiatives.

The donation window closes December 9th.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fiesta Island TT Start List

FROM: Moment Cycle Sport's Fiesta Island Time Trials 2012 - Nov 23rd

Time Trial Riders,

Below is your Start Time & Bib Number.  Please be on time and ready to ride in the last Time Trial race of the year.


Start   Bib     Name
7:00:30 1       James Quimzon
7:01:00 2
7:01:30 3       Tristan Cany
7:02:00 4       Erik Andreas Colban
7:02:30 5       Brody McDonald
7:03:00 6       Thomas Quimzon
7:03:30 7       Jack Tucker
7:04:00 8
7:04:30 9
7:05:00 10      Larry   Lem
7:05:30 11      Owen    Daniels
7:06:00 12      Delmon  Dunston
7:06:30 13      Steven  Peace
7:07:00 14      Don     Peters
7:07:30 15
7:08:00 16
7:08:30 17      Jose    Capeda
7:09:00 18      Achim   Krauss
7:09:30 19      Ben     Littler
7:10:00 20      Noah    Slack
7:10:30 21      Fernando        Llaca
7:11:00 22      Larry   Murray
7:11:30 23
7:12:00 24
7:12:30 25      Patricia Kimper
7:13:00 26      Judy    Richwine
7:13:30 27      Linda   Rich
7:14:00 28      Cindy   Fenton
7:14:30 29
7:15:00 30
7:15:30 31      Pey-Lih Littler
7:16:00 32      Jodi    Hays
7:16:30 33      Annette Padilla
7:17:00 34      Linda   Vigil
7:17:30 35      Tanja   Canter
7:18:00 36      Sarah   Munoz
7:18:30 37
7:19:00 38
7:19:30 39      Alison  Maloof
7:20:00 40
7:20:30 41
7:21:00 42
7:21:30 43
7:22:00 44      George  Carter
7:22:30 45      Victor  Conaway
7:23:00 46      Leon    Sowers
7:23:30 47
7:24:00 48      Charles Booth
7:24:30 49      Martin  Katz
7:25:00 50      Leo     Longo
7:25:30 51      Rick    Lilleberg
7:26:00 52      Ron     Williams
7:26:30 53      Bryan   Plank
7:27:00 54      Nicolas Reveles
7:27:30 55
7:28:00 56
7:28:30 57      John    Hafeli
7:29:00 58      John    Hafeli
7:29:30 59      Steve   Turner
7:30:00 60      Fernando Rivera
7:30:30 61      Scott   Endsley
7:31:00 62      Craig   Kimble
7:31:30 63      Ed      Kissee
7:32:00 64      Michael Holcomb
7:32:30 65      Stephen Scott
7:33:00 66      <CLOSED>
7:33:30 67      Chuck   Macdonald
7:34:00 68
7:34:30 69
7:35:00 70      Leon    Mack
7:35:30 71      Scott   Baker
7:36:00 72      Chris   Harrell
7:36:30 73      Michael Capozza
7:37:00 74      Roger   Drews
7:37:30 75      Greg    Fenton
7:38:00 76      Andrew  Fichthorn
7:38:30 77      Perry   Jurancich
7:39:00 78      Paul    Leek
7:39:30 79      John    Mahoney
7:40:00 80      William Pfeifer
7:40:30 81      Bob     Raibert
7:41:00 82      Steve   Schmidt
7:41:30 83
7:42:00 84
7:42:30 85      Troy    Huerta
7:43:00 86      Antonio Barbosa
7:43:30 87      Adam    Buckley
7:44:00 88      Xavier  Cany
7:44:30 89      Rich    Hodgson
7:45:00 90      Peter   Allen
7:45:30 91      Justin  Forbes
7:46:00 92      Rick    Laird
7:46:30 93      Matthew Loney
7:47:00 94      Mario   Quinto
7:47:30 95      Eric    Ward
7:48:00 96      Christopher White
7:48:30 97
7:49:00 98
7:49:30 99
7:50:00 100     Ricardo De La Fuente
7:50:30 101     Garret  Gooch
7:51:00 102     Garret  Gooch
7:51:30 103     Aaron   James
7:52:00 104     Matthew Jurancich
7:52:30 105     Bobby   Klein
7:53:00 106     Noriel  Sinsuangco
7:53:30 107
7:54:00 108
7:54:30 109
7:55:00 110
7:55:30 111     Steve   Fish
7:56:00 112     Tony    Julian
7:56:30 113     Pedro   Payne
7:57:00 114     Todd    Struyk
7:57:30 115     Eduardo Velaquez
7:58:00 116     Mark    Wienke
7:58:30 117
7:59:00 118
7:59:30 119     Chris   Masilon
8:00:00 120     Jeffrey Ishmael
8:00:30 121     Nick    Gillock
8:01:00 122     Craig   Mannino
8:01:30 123
8:02:00 124
8:02:30 125     Gary    Tingley 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday? Stuff It.

Black Friday? Stuff It.
(your stocking that is)

Stuff your stocking with incredible deals this Holiday Weekend!  How incredible?  Too incredible to post for some select items!

Here's what we can post-

All helmets 20% off!*
All gloves 20% off!*
All pumps 20% off!*
All tools 20% off!*
All kids bikes on sale!*
But 2 tubes get a 3rd FREE!*

On top of all the above great deals, we have selected a few items that will be set at prices you cannot pass up!  These select items will be at unbelievably low prices until they are gone!  You are going to have to stop by the stores to see these great deals. Don't forget to ask us about FREE 12 month financing for the holiday season also.

The great deals start Friday Nov 23rd!
Hurry in and Stuff It.  Your stocking that is.

*This weekend only (Nov 23-25). In stock items only. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

Monday, November 19, 2012

#10 11/23/12 Fiesta Island TT

Remaining 2012 Fall Race Date: 
Friday, November 23 -- ITT 
Registration is open for the linked date above. This is our only Friday race. Come out and work off your Thanksgiving Dinner!(10/14/2012)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#09 11/22/12 Toms Farms TT (Thanksgiving Day)

Tom's Farm Time Trials
In Corona
Presented By Pacific Sunset Velo For photos of Tom's Farm TT: PB Creative Photos
Schedule for 2012

Sunday, January 29
Sunday, September 16 __Due to road construction. September's TT is cancelled. 
Sunday, October 14
Thanksgiving Day, November 22
Sunday, December 9

Held under USAC permit# 2012-258

USCF Categories
SENIOR MEN 1-2 , 3 & 4&5
MASTERS 35+, 45+, 55+, 60+ & 65+
Public Unlicensed Categories
MEN 18-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-59 & 60+
SENIOR WOMEN 1-4 Junior Men 10-14 & 15-18 WOMEN 18+ and Tandems
Rules: All USCF rules apply. Helmet’s Mandatory at all time while on your bike.
Shirts must cover shoulders. No faring or fixed gears allowed.
Course: 8 miles total, out and back. One rise approx. 6/10 of a mile, then rolling out and back with a small rise at the finish. Course is open to traffic. Course map on page two.
Fee: USCF Licensed Riders $23.00, Public $23.00. Fee includes insurance.
One day license $10.00. Race day registration only.
Awards: 1st place in all categories will receive medals and ribbons to 2nd to 5th placement.
Registration area: In extra RV parking lot next to Tom’s Farm. Registration opens at 7:00am and closes at 8:45am....................First rider off at 9:00am.
After you have finish your time trial, please do not hung around the finish. Go back to Tom’s Farm parking lot, we will meet there for results and awards.
Directions: Tom’s Farm is located south of Corona: Take I-15 south and exit Temescal Canyon Road, follow sign’s to Tom’s Farm. Approx. 1 blocks from freeway. Park on the right side in Extra RV parking lot. Please do not park in Tom’s Farm parking lot.
Restrooms located @ Carl’s Jr., Tom’s Farm or the ARCO gas station next to Carl’s Jr.
Please!!! use them and not the landscape.
Questions...Call Pacific Sunset Velo @ 760-244-4642

On Facebook: Santiago Canyon TT results for 11/17/12

Today's Santiago Canyon TT results for 11/17/12 have been posted on the Facebook page.

And while you are there, be sure to "Like" the page. Your support is appreciated!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Santiago Canyon TT status for rain

Checking on the status for Santiago Canyon TT tomorrow ... historically rain has cancelled this event (permit restrictions) ... standby and check back here for updates ...

Re posting: "[Nancy Seidler] 8PM 11/16/12
The Santiago Time Trial set for tomorrow, is still scheduled to begin at the usual time. Our permit does not allow us to start the time trial if it is raining at the start of As we all know the weather
 here in Southern California is fickle, so we will be there to register everyone and hope that there is no rain at 9:00! Registration will start around 7:30 giving everyone a chance to warm up before the race.
I hope to see lots of you out there tomorrow getting a jump on your fitness and training before Thanksgiving. Thanks for checking in and I look forward to seeing you in the morning. -Nancy"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Santiago Canyon TT - Saturday 11/17/12

Curt Sutliff Memorial
Santiago Canyon
Time Trial Series
Held under USCF Permit 2009-292
Rock N’ Road Cyclery, 27825 Santa Margarita Parkway, Unit A, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  #1 March 12th, 2011, #2 April 16th, 2011,
#3 October 8th, 2011, #4 November 12th, 2011
Sr. Men: Categories 1/2, 3 & 4/5
Masters Men: 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+
Sr. Women: Categories 1-4
Junior Men: 10-14, 15-18. Junior Women: 10-18
Unlicensed riders may ride any applicable Category except Senior Men 1/2/3 with the purchase of a USCF One Day License ($10.00)

     ·          Registration fee is $25.00. Junior Registration Fee: $15.00 (Team VeloSport members wearing  2011 kit will receive a $5 discount on registration fees)
                ·         Race-day registration only. Make check payable to Team VeloSport
                ·         Fee includes USCF insurance surcharge
                ·         NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS
                ·         Registration 7:15 A.M. – 8:30 A.M. at Rock N’ Road Cyclery

·         Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places in each category
·         $35.00 Gift Certificate to Rock N’ Road Cyclery for fastest time Male and Female!
·         $200.00 Gift Certificate to Rock N’ Road Cyclery for course record Male and Female!
  ·         All USCF rules apply
·         Helmets are mandatory and shirts must cover shoulders
·         No farings or fixed gears allowed
·         First rider starts at 9:00 AM
·         There is a MANDATORY PRE-RACE MEETING AT 8:45 A.M. in front of ROCK N’ ROAD Cyclery
·          No parking on Aliso Creek Trail (County) property  

11 miles starting on the bike trail next to El Toro Road, just north of Portola Parkway and transitions to the bike lane on Santiago Canyon Road. Terrain consists of an incline at the start, a one-mile climb and rolling terrain to the finish near Irvine Lake.    
DIRECTIONS to Rock N’ Road Cyclery
·         From the North take I-5 to El Toro Road exit. Turn left onto El Toro. Go approximately 4 miles to Santa Margarita Parkway. Turn Right. Turn left at the second light (past Los Alisos Blvd) into shopping center.
·         From San Diego take I-5 North to El Toro Road exit. Turn right onto El Toro. Follow directions above.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Velonews, Speed for Purchase

Velo July 2012. Photos by Brad Kaminski

Editor’s Note: In April 2011, we unveiled VeloLab, our in-depth bike and component testing program that combines objective, lab-based metrics with on-the-road evaluation. In the 18 months since, we’ve tested more than 25 bikes, from sub-$1500 budget road racers to the bikes of the WorldTour. We’ve even given four commuter rigs a spin and tested a run of seatposts for vibration. In our November issue, Lennard Zinn puts five different tubular tires through the paces in Finland to determine the effects of tire size and air pressure on rolling resistance. The following VeloLab test first appeared in our July 2012 issue and pits five aerodynamic carbon wheels against each other: the Psimet/White Industries Custom, the Rolf Prima 60, the Hed Stinger 6 Flamme Rouge, the Bontrager Aeolus 5 D3, and the Enve System 6.7.

Speed for Purchase: Five Aero Wheels Under the Microscope

At its core, cycling is an equation: forces for, and forces against. Subtract that which seeks to slow you down — rolling resistance, wind, gravity, grinding bearings and all the rest — from the amount of power the human engine is churning out. The result? Speed.
There are two ways to go faster: improve the engine, or reduce resistance. The former involves sweat and tears. All other things being equal, reducing resistance anywhere on your bike or body will result in a faster ride. Yes, you can buy speed. It takes a decent pile of cash, and a willingness to accept a few minor drawbacks, but it is possible. And that’s where these aero wheels come in.

A New Breed

Compared to a standard 32-spoke aluminum wheel, the 50-70mm deep wheelsets in this test will reduce drag by between 158 and 224 grams at 30 miles per hour. What does that mean for you? That roughly equates to 15 to 23 watts. It might not sound like much, but it takes a hell of a lot of sweat to become 23 watts stronger.
The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to help refine rim shape — which has the most dramatic effect on aerodynamics and control — has allowed for an exponential increase in aerodynamic refinement over a very short period of time.
The result has been a surge of new rim shapes, all of which attempt to increase a wheel’s stall angle, or the wind angle at which most of the aerodynamic benefit is lost. All use a similar theme: wider than ever at the brake track, between 24 and 28mm, and wide all the way to a rounded spoke bed. Though no two are identical, all have more in common with each other than with the narrow V-shaped profile used for most of the last decade. All claim to be faster, and offer vastly improved crosswind stability.
For this test, we included a classic V-shaped carbon rim, plus blunt-tailed options from Rolf, Hed, Enve and Bontrager. All five are tubulars, though most come in a clincher version. Zipp opted out of the test.
We put each set through extensive wind tunnel and inertia testing, plus real-world ride time, and ranked them in a number of objective and subjective categories, including brake performance and crosswind stability. In the wind tunnel, we tested various tire sizes on each wheel, since the tire/rim interaction is vital to overall aerodynamics.
In the end, each company took a slightly different approach toward the same goal: a fast, light and stable set of race wheels. Read on to find out which was most successful.

Thursday, November 8, 2012