Sunday, April 21, 2013

Santiago Time Trial Photos

CI_Santiago Canyon TT-21
Images By Mpu Dinani
Just minutes from busy Orange County highways, the two lanes of Santiago Canyon Road have a country feel as they wind through the hillsides. This is where the TT happens.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 SoCal TT Series Awards

1st place - free SoCal TT Series Winner's Jersey, $30 gift card to Rock N' Road Cyclery, and a discount on SCTTS Winners skinsuit, (* jersey to be supplied prior to the start of the next series via RNR, send your email for details)
2nd place: $20 gift card to Rock N' Road Cyclery
3rd place: $10 gift card to Rock N' Road Cyclery

Current rankings as of 4/18/13, heading into the final race  this weekend:

1 Carter, Norman Redlands         CAT 1/2
2 Wingert,  James Citrus Valley         CAT 1/2
3 Imbior, Theo Squadra CAT 1/2
1 Gillock, Nick La Grange CAT 3
2 Mannino, Craig R5 - Rock Racing         CAT 3
3 Brookes, Domenick Delta Velo         CAT 3
1 Sorenson, Jim Velo Pasadena         CAT 4/5
2 Lohman, Ernie Pinicle Radsport         CAT 4/5
3 Velazquez, Eduardo Velosport         CAT 4/5
1 Quilmzon, Thomas Sho-air Sonance Junior Men
2 Krut, Samuel         Junior Men
3 Simonoff, Joel         Junior Men
1 West, Joshua         Masters 35
2 Huerta, Troy Swamis Masters 35
3 Allen, Peter XXX         Masters 35
1 Nelms, James Radspot                 Masters 45
2 Baker, Scott UCC/JWFlooring Masters 45
3 Leek, Paul Canyon Velo         Masters 45
1 Swank, Dean Platinum         Masters 55
2 Kissee, Ed Canyon Velo Masters 55
3 Holcomb, Michael Cyclo-Vets Masters 55
1 Longo, Leo Bike Palace Masters 60
2 Davidson, Donald Citrus Valley Masters 60
3 Lilleberg, Rick SBW         Masters 60
1 Sjogren, Cynthia Redlands         Women 1-4
2 Nguyen, Rose Veoviet Women 1-4
3 Fenton, Cynthia Kaiser         Women 1-4

Monday, April 15, 2013

SD TT Results will be added to the Series 4/16/13

San Diego Time Trials
at Fiesta Island

March 31, 2013
Results as fast as you are! See results on your mobile device within minutes after crossing the finish line at

PlaceBibFirst NameLast NameRacing AgeSexCategoryClub/Team NameLapsTime h:mm:ssAvg. speed mph
18ThomasNelson44M40k MenSwami's60:55:1526.99
27JayceeCary47M40k MenMichelob Ultra-Velo Club LaGrange60:57:4225.85
36PaulLeek50M40k MenCanyon Velo61:01:1824.33
45TonyBerg64M40k MenBreakaway Training61:06:4422.35
54BryanPlank66M40k MenCalifornia Bicycle61:08:2221.81
19Bruce/SueHartley/Buck56/56M40k TandemPinnaclife Racing Team60:58:1425.61
13SaraClafferty28F40k WomenPinnacle p/b Argon 1860:59:0525.24
21LeslieMendez51F40k WomenHi-Tech Bikes61:04:2923.13
32AnnettePadilla45F40k WomenCelo Pacific61:13:1620.35
110AlexanderLochmiller11MJr Men 14 and UnderCalifornia Bicycle La Jolla20:26:1218.97
159TroyHeurta44MMasters Men 35+Swamis30:26:5327.74
244PeterAllen39MMasters Men 35+Team Simple Green/Bike Religion30:28:0026.63
342DavidHeilman42MMasters Men 35+SWAMIS-SKLZ30:29:3225.25
445JustinForbes39MMasters Men 35+ACQUA AL 2/SDBC30:29:4125.12
541EricWard43MMasters Men 35+Mental Anguish Cycling30:30:3124.43
646MarnyQuinto39MMasters Men 35+Unattached30:31:2123.78
739DavidBrayton44MMasters Men 35+Unattached30:45:0116.56
40SalvatoreCefalu44MMasters Men 35+Unattached3DNS-
43MitchellHall41MMasters Men 35+San Diego Cyclo-vets3DNS-
134GregFenton53MMasters Men 45+UCCyclery J&W flooring30:26:3528.05
235JamesNelms51MMasters Men 45+Pinnaclelife30:26:3927.98
362RussellShepley50MMasters Men 45+Simple Green/Bike Religion30:27:1627.35
463LarryMurray51MMasters Men 45+San Diego CycloVets30:27:1827.31
538JamesChao47MMasters Men 45+Velo Club Lagrange30:27:3527.03
636MaxAffarano47MMasters Men 45+Hi-Tech Bikes30:28:2826.19
737NickArmitage47MMasters Men 45+Unattached30:29:0225.68
833MikeHallman54MMasters Men 45+Ca Pools Racing30:29:3025.28
932MikeChavarria54MMasters Men 45+Donny's Cafe Cycling30:30:0324.81
1031MarcoBonelli54MMasters Men 45+Sabino Racing30:30:3424.39
1169EricDuncan47MMasters Men 45+Unattached30:43:5816.96
129TonyDarr55MMasters Men 55+CAPools / Primal30:28:3426.10
226DanRock59MMasters Men 55+Zoca/Revolution30:29:2125.41
327EdKissee56MMasters Men 55+Canyon Velo30:29:2425.36
430LeonMack55MMasters Men 55+ACQU AL 2 / SDBC30:32:3722.86
525JohnHafeli59MMasters Men 55+Velo Allegro30:33:1522.43
628GaryReiner56MMasters Men 55+Ranchos Cycling30:34:0321.90
123DavidHolt61MMasters Men 60+RocknRoad Cyclery30:28:4126.00
222Donald PDavidson63MMasters Men 60+Citrus Valley Velo30:29:2625.33
324SteveTurner60MMasters Men 60+Hi-tech bikes30:30:0024.85
21BrianDaly66MMasters Men 60+Unattached3DNS-
120ButchRichardson70MMasters Men 70+San Diego Cyclo-Vets30:29:2625.33
217LeonSowers76MMasters Men 70+San Diego Cyclo-Vets30:33:0422.55
319MartinKatz71MMasters Men 70+Unattached30:34:1821.74
418VictorConaway74MMasters Men 70+Unattached30:39:2918.89
115TanjaCanter40FMasters Wm 35+LegUp Personal Training30:30:2424.53
216AmyRingdahl44FMasters Wm 35+Unattached30:31:0424.00
314MaureenBaran40FMasters Wm 35+HERevolution30:31:0623.98
113CindyFenton51FMasters Wm 45+UCCyclery J&W flooring30:30:4324.27
111BernadetteBrake57FMasters Wm 55+Cycles Veloce/Simple Green30:31:4723.46
12SheridanBentson70FMasters Wm 55+Unattached3DNS-
155TylerHendershot28MMen 19+Pulse Endurance Sports30:29:0325.67
254JasonAbutin28MMen 19+Slow Burn30:31:2523.73
353AronSanchez29MMen 19+Unattached30:33:0822.50
158BrianSammuli34MMen Cat 3Acqua Al 2/SDBC30:27:2127.26
257CraigMannino43MMen Cat 3R5-Rock Racing30:27:3727.00
156EvanEichenberg20MMen Cat 4/5Revolution/Zoca30:31:0324.01
260JamesNguyen37MMen Cat 4/5Nopal Velo30:31:1523.86
168GenerosoTarantino42MMerckx MenUnattached30:34:1721.75
247ChaseBarrett26MMerckx MenUnattached30:35:0521.25
165OlgaLyssanova26WWomen 19+Catalyst Racing30:36:3120.42
48CourtneyHall29FWomen 19+Unattached3DNS-
164RuthClemence53WWomen Cat 1/4San Juan VW/Soc30:28:4325.97
261BelindaEschenwald46WWomen Cat 1/4Michelob Legrange30:29:3525.20
350KimberlyTom42FWomen Cat 1/4Revolution/Zoca30:30:4124.30
451CrystalHoward40FWomen Cat 1/4Revolution/Zoca30:31:3523.61
567KimNida38WWomen Cat 1/4Surf City Cyclery30:31:4923.44
652TrinaJacobson37FWomen Cat 1/4SC Velo/InCycle30:32:2323.03
749RoseNguyen43FWomen Cat 1/4Velo Viet30:33:4622.08
66IMO #66