Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Aerodynamic testing of cycling shoes in a precision low-speed wind tunnel

http://www.rockethub.com/projects/26205-aerodynamic-testing-of-cycling-shoes-in-a-precision-low-speed-wind-tunnel   The goal of this project is to provide independent, quantitative data regarding the aerodynamic drag of various brands/models of cycling shoes. Each shoe chosen for testing (at least 5, of varying construction) will have its effective drag area (i.e., CdA) measured in a precision low-speed wind tunnel of my own design and construction (note: this is the same tunnel successfully used previously to test various aerodynamic brakes: http://www.tririg.com/docs/omega_whitepaper.pdf). Special care will be taken to make the results as representative as possible of actual cycling (i.e., of a complete bicycle+rider combination), e.g., by testing at various "ankle angles" and by cross-validating the results against other publically-available data, while taking advantage of the higher precision of such reduced-scale testing. Those providing support will receive a confidential report of the complete results by September 30, 2013, and the data collected will never be released free-of-charge to the public.

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