Thursday, August 15, 2013


2014 Kurt Kinetic trainers
Kurt Kinetic has completely redesigned their trainer line, with everything but the resistance units being completely new.
They were hearing customers desiring features they didn’t have, so the line gets better compatibility with fatter tires. They also made the tension against the wheel more robust. Knobs are new with an ABS construction with rubber grips for better ergonomics. Lastly, all fixed frame models come out of the box completely assembled, and the Rock n Roll only requires two legs to be slid into place.

2014 Kurt Kinetic trainers
The Rock n Roll’s legs close in a bit so the entire unit will fit within a trainer mat’s footprint. The yoke (the piece that goes up to hold the axle) and the rocking mechanism moved backward for better weight distribution. That makes the rocking action a bit freer and more natural feeling.
The new units are on the ship headed to the states, look for availability by mid September.
2014 Kurt Kinetic trainers
Traxle trainer axles were introduced not too long ago and are available in three versions to fit X12, Shimano and Maxle thread pitches. They provide an extended nut for the trainer to grab into, so you can ride any thru axle bike on them. Each is $50, shipping now.
The inRide Bluetooth watt meter and HR monitor lets you measure power. It puts a magnetic sensor on the base of the roller and measures rotation speed. They know the resistance of the fluid trainer, which doesn’t change with temperature, and can use the RPMs to determine how much force you’re cranking out. You input your threshold data into the iOS app, them share the data with Map My Fitness, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect and others, or just email it to your coach.
It retails for $219.

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