Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2015 Rock N' Road SoCal TT Series results updated 10/21/2014 - New Leaderboard!

  • Skriver, Dana, CAT 1/2 
  • Kogut, Greg, Moment Cycles, CAT 3 
  • Sorenson, Jim, Velo Pasadena CAT 4/5 
  • Quilmzon, Thomas, Rokform, Junior Men 
  • Rhyne, Matt Masters 35 
  • Page, Tim, Hitech, Masters 45 
  • Stanton, David, Canyon Velo, Masters 55 
  • Davidson, Donald, PR Velo, Masters 60 
  • Sjogren, Cynthia, Team Redlands, Women 1-4

Monday, October 20, 2014

SoCal TT Series Rules Update for 2015

Questions on the rules? Email timetrialseries@gmail.com

The Rock N' Road Cyclery SoCal TT Series will be comprised of 9 categories over 16 events, and will run Sep - Apr each season. See the calendar for specific race dates. Races will be scored three (3) places deep, vice 5 places deep in years past, and will be comprised of the top-10 race results (of these events). This depth will allow for greater relevancy in race results, reflecting the importance of good placings along with frequency of placings.

Where Southern California's Fastest TT Racers Compete!
Southern California's fastest time trial racers compete in the toughest and most competitive time trial series in the United States to be crowned the title: Southern California Time Trial Series Champion
  • CAT 1/2 - The male elite level category for USAC PRO and CAT 1/2 racers, in men's P/1/2 TT races
  • CAT 3  - The male USAC CAT 3 race category, for men's CAT 3 TT races
  • CAT 4/5  The male category for USAC CAT 4 or 5 racers, in 4/5 TT races
  • Junior Men all, licensed as USAC CAT 1/2/3/4 racers, or ABR, see details below for more information 
  • Masters 35+  Men racing 35+ category licensed as USAC racers, or ABR, in masters TT races
  • Masters 45+ Men racing in the 45+ category licensed as USAC racers, or ABR, in masters TT races
  • Masters 55+  Men racing in the 55+ category licensed as USAC racers, or ABR, in masters TT races
  • Masters 60+  Men racing in 60/65/70+ and over categories licensed as USAC racers, or ABR, in masters TT races
  • Women 1-4  Women racing in the "Women Open or Women Cat 1-4" category (not women in masters categories or juniors categories), licensed as USAC PRO or CAT 1/2/3/4 racers, or ABR
Similar to the SCNCA SoCal Cup, the SoCal TT Series category you enter will be the category you score points in. If racing down in age, you will receive points as applicable for the lower category, which means that you can compete in multiple categories in the Series. Similar to a rider who competes in Masters 35+ and CAT 4/5 races within the same season; the rider has the ability to score points in multiple categories. Be sure to choose a category, and race in it all season to maximize points received. See the calendar for specific race dates. This series is separate from the SCNCA SoCal Cup which does not include time trial results outside of the SCNCA state championships. This series is comprised of time trials exclusively, and will rank racers based on results of the races from the races listed (numbered) in the calendar.

Racers can compete in as few or as many of these races as they wish. Points accumulate throughout the year and will be tabulated in an ongoing basis. The top-10 races results points in these races will count toward a racers overall series results. There are up to 6 'drop' or 'best of' races, the more a racer competes, the greater his/her chance of gaining points toward the series. 10 races will count towards the overall points.

If an event (of the races included in the series) should be cancelled, for any reason, that individual race will be dropped series will continue on, being made up of the remaining events. If the event is re-scheduled, and the new date does not conflict with another series date, or weekend, then the event will still count in the series and the race number sequence will be correspondingly changed. A racer will not show in the 'SoCal TT Series Current Standings' page until the racer has accumulated points and, at that time, the racer will be placed into the appropriate category (see below). Pro and Public race categories are not included in the series. The SoCal TT Series is not USCF, CBR or ABR sanctioned and is independent of a formal cycling governing body. The series does not promote, organize, host, manage, insure or otherwise administer these individual time trials.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Gary Tingley, SoCalTTseries.com, Rock N' Road Cyclery, OUCH, Nytro and our associated current and past sponsors will not be liable to any person or business entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other injuries, damages or lost profits, on or caused by any use of any part of this web site including the SoCal TT Series. This specifically means (but not limited to) that if you are injured, suffer a loss, or die while racing in one of the time trials listed in this series, we hold no liability - we do not promote, host or insure the event and in no way take any liability for any damages incurred while competing.

No race multipiers.

Category Specifics
Racers will not be entered in the SoCal TT Series and will not show in the overall standings until points are earned. Category specifics are listed above. There are no costs to compete, racers will automatically be enrolled as points are accumulated. Public categories will not be included in the results. A racer may compete and earn points for either category, and score points and compete within multiple categories. POINTS WILL NOT BE CARRIED BETWEEN CATEGORIES - so pick the right category before you race.

If you find that you are not in the correct category please contact us (see Contact page) with your corrections.

A racer will not be able to move points accumulated in one category into another category in the interest of fairness and to prevent 'sandbagging'. NOTE: If you are a USCF CAT 4 or 5 racer and you normally race Masters you should make note that any points earned in a USCF CAT 1/2 or 3 or 4/5 race will not be transferable into your SoCal TT Cup Masters category. If you race a USCF Masters category race you will be placed into the respective SoCal TT Cup Masters category. To make sure you get points applied for your races, race either the CAT 1/2 or 3 or CAT 4/5 or the Masters category. You will not be able to combine CAT 1/2 or 3 or 4/5 or Masters results.

Junior Men can only apply their results to the JM category they earn them in.
Bottom line: you cannot transfer points between categories.

How to Accumulate Points
Once the racer races a TT Series time trial they will be placed in the appropriate category. Points gained in ANY category are non-transferable to other categories. Masters 60 will include the 3 fastest racers in the 60/65/70+ categories.

A Note on Masters Categories

If you "age up" to the next category during the series, start the series on the category you plan to race the following year. E.g., if you are 44 years old in 2014 and 45 in 2015, begin the series in the 35+ and finish in the 35+ if you plan to carry your results for the entire series in one category. You can always opt to race any category you are qualified to enter.

Masters racers will continue out the current series in the category they start the Series in, unless their birthday advances them into the next age group category. Masters category points are not carried from one category to another (e.g. Masters 45 to Masters 55). We highly suggest you race in a masters category that you can continue in throughout the year. Ties for category leaders at conclusion of the series will be broken by giving the lead to the racer with the most individual race results listed. Ties for points in an individual race will results in both (or multiple) riders being awarded the same points for their placing (e.g. if two riders both have a time of 29:30 for their category, which is the second and third respective fastest time in that category, these riders would be allotted 4 points each ... both riders would receive the 2nd place points).

How Points are Awarded
Points will be given based on finishing place. For example, a 1st place result for Fiesta Island TT is worth 5 points.
  • 1st place - 5 points
  • 2nd place - 4 points
  • 3rd place - 3 points
TBD. Currently there is no scheduled awards ceremony scheduled. Check the web site for updates. Jerseys may be purchased from Rock N' Road Cyclery if available. See the Jersey page for details. No medals, merchandise, trophies or cash awards are planned at this time.

Designation as TT Series Champion
The Southern California Time Trial Series will normally begin in Sept and finish in Apr. Final results will be posted on this web site following the final series race, current monthly rankings will be posted on this web site. Cup leaders names and club will be highlighted on the results page in yellow. The overall winner for each category will receive designation as Southern California Time Trial Series Champion.

If you wish to contest the overall results for the Series you must do so within two days of the results being posted following the final event.

Contact us (see Contact page).

The SoCal TT Series is not USCF, CBR or ABR affiliated nor sanctioned.

Rock N' Road Cyclery and Matt Ford is our 2006-2015 title series sponsor. Brent Kay of OUCH Medical Center is a previous co-sponsor. A big thank you to our event promoters Tren Morris of Uncle Tren, Ray Moreno of Pacific Sunset Velo, Nancy Seidler of Team Velosport, Matt Ford at Rock N' Road Cyclery, and Jon Benson of the San Diego Bicycle Club. Other past sponsors include Scott Warren of www.JavelinBike.com.

Please read these FAQ's:
1. I was second in my category, CAT 5, in the race, but I did not get any points for the Series, why is this?
> The Series categories are based on the 3 FASTEST race times in the applicable associated categories. For example, if you are racing CAT 5 in your event and get second place with a time of 31:05 you would actually get placed 4TH in the CAT 4/5 Series points because there were two CAT 4 riders and one CAT 5 rider with faster times than yours.
CAT 4/5 Five fastest times example:
 30:22, 30:45, 30:57, 31:05 (you)

2. So then, why is there no CAT 5 category?
> Because the results for 4/5 are competitive in time.

3. My club is not listed with my name, how do I add it?
> Contact us (see Contact page) with your corrections. Your club will be added next time we update the database.

4. Why aren't the latest time trial results from my event listed, it has been a while ... where are my points?
> Points can not be added to the Series until the event promoter makes them available on their web site or via e-mail. Please contact the event organizer directly to expedite the addition of your points to the Series. 

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