Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New for 2016 - Men's and Women's Merckx Open TT Categories

Two new categories for the 2016 SoCal TT Series p/b Rock N' Road Cyclery:

- Men Merckx Open category
- Women Merckx Open category

Merckx Open rules: Must use a USAC mass start legal road bike, no aerobars, no fixed gears, no disc wheels. Aero wheels (no discs), aero helmets and skinsuits are permitted.

(*note: many new aero road bikes come with deep semi-proprietary aero carbon wheels, have not restricted the wheel depth in order to not exclude these riders)

This offers competitors a road bike category for riders who are new to cycling and do not have a dedicated TT bike, or for those who wish to race using their road bike.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

2016 SoCal TT Series p/b Rock N' Road Cyclery - Schedule (to date)

(Note the Oak Hills/Toms Farms TTs have been temporarily cancelled by the promoter)

#01 09/27/15 Fiesta Island TT
#02 10/04/15 Piru TT
#03 11/15/15 Fiesta Island TT
#04 11/21/15 Santiago Cyn TT
#05 12/06/15 Piru TT
#06 01/10/16 Piru TT
#07 00/00/16 Fiesta Island TT
#08 00/00/16 Piru TT
#09 00/00/16 Fiesta Island TT
#10 00/00/16 Santiago Cyn TT

Santiago Canyon TT

Piru TT

Fiesta Island TT