Note: The SoCal TT Series was active 2004-2019. Beginning in May 2019, the SoCal TT Series has been replaced by the Piru TT Series and the Fiesta Island TT Series.

What is Cycling Time Trial (TT) Racing?
An Individual Time Trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock (in French: contre la montre - literally "against the watch"). There are also track-based time trials where riders compete in velodromes, and team time trials (TTT). ITT's are also referred to as "the race of truth", as winning depends only on each rider's strength, endurance and determination against the clock. Starting times are at equal intervals, usually 30 seconds to one minute apart. 

What is the SoCal TT Series?
Southern California is a hotbed for cycling time trial racing in the United States. Olympic time trialists Amber Neben and Dave Zabriskie both live and race in SoCal. The Southern California Time Trial Series was created in 2003 to promote the sport of cycling time trial racing in Southern California and has become one of the most popular web sites in the United States for time trial related reviews, news, and training resources.

Do I need a USCF license to race?
You will need a same-day 1-day or an annual license to race Santiago Canyon TT and Toms Farms TTs. Piru TT races under CBR, Fiesta Island TT races under ABR. See each promoter's web site for specifics.

Which category should I race?
If over 35 years of age you can enter a corresponding masters category. If under 35 years of age, you can race the corresponding category for your license, or if racing using a 1-day license, race CAT 4/5, or race Junior if under 19 years of age. Women can race Women 1-4.

Where are the four race venues located?

When are the races held?
Schedule is on the home page at http://www.socalttseries.com/

How can I find out more about training for time trial racing?
Read the training articles at http://www.socalttseries.com/p/training.html
Contact coach Gary Tingley for additional information at http://www.garytingley.com/