Faster TT Turnarounds

by Gary Tingley -

"Every second counts" and efficient time trial turnarounds can lead to quicker TT times. Practicing turnarounds can also lead to more confident bike handling. In the off season I practice the following routine on a closed street with a road cone. I've found that the fastest way to navigate a turnaround is to
  1. Approach the turnaround as far to the right of the course as you can ride
  2. Keep your speed up until the very last moment
  3. Shift up two or three cogs, then sit up and get on the brake hoods
  4. Brake, pass the cone by one meter, look over your left shoulder, then begin to corner
  5. Scrub just enough speed to corner and take a tight line with the cone on your left
  6. Sprint back up to speed, out of the saddle
  7. Get back up to speed quickly and then get back into the aerobars
  8. Shift down and quickly settle into your TT pace