Training articles provided by Gary Tingley - USAC Level 1 Professional Cycling Coach

Cycling Illustrated - Fall 2013 print issue - 3 Ways to Boost your Race Fitness this Winter.

Cycling Illustrated: How to Calculate your Aerodynamic Drag using a Cycling Power Meter - estimate the power required to time trial

40 Minute Time Trial Warm-up - prepare for your race while remaining rested, relaxed

Time Trial Aero Helmet Wind Tunnel Test - there were "good" and "bad" time trial helmets

Aerodynamic Gear Selection for Time Trial Racing - when considering new time trial equipment, wheels, helmets and other gear

How to Complete a Faster Time Trial Turn around - efficiency leads to quicker race times 

Top-10 Cycling Recovery Tips - one of the most important aspects of a well rounded training program

A Triathlete's Primer for Your First Time Trial - bike leg of triathlon and duathlon is essentially a time trial race between swimming and running

Cycling Illustrated: How to Prepare for a Cycling Time Trial Race - arrive at the event relaxed and prepared to give your best effort

Pacing a Time Trial using Power and Perceived Exertion - essential skill for a competitive time trialist